Terra de Promissio, the Land of Promise, is one of California's most recognized vineyards.  We are very humbled with the accolades the vineyard has received over the years and very honored that Terra de Promissio is now the most vineyard designated pinot noir vineyard in Sonoma County. For the 2015 vintage, 9 different wineries have a wine named Terra de Promissio.

Terra de Promissio is now 50 acres of Pinot Noir vines.  The first 32 acres were planted in 2002 to Dijon Clones 115 and 777.  In 2012 and 2013, the remaining 18 acres were planted to Clones 943, 97 and Field Blend, which the winemakers call Calera.  The soil, southwest sun exposure, hill elevation, vine density, fog and the wind from Pacific Ocean allow our grapes to have a slow maturation and extended hang time, which allows optimum ripeness.  These ideal conditions for the Pinot Noir grapes result in intense flavors that makes exceptional and age-worthy wines. More information on Terra de Promissio can be found here at terradepromissio.com


Since day one, every row and block is custom farmed per each of the winemakers specific instructions.  Each winemaker makes multiple visits to the vineyard to their designated rows as we prune, sucker, train and manage the canopy, remove green fruit and finally harvest. We treat each vine individually ensuring that it has the ability to consistently produce fruit possessing a balance of sugars, acidity, and physiological ripeness. During the summer, to achieve the results that we and the winemakers desire, we also drop fruit. Even though the Dijion clones we grow produce smaller berries and clusters, we go thru the vineyard and cut green fruit to keep yields low to achieve fruit intensity. The results of a “lighten crop load” allows the vineyard to produce superior Pinot Noir. This collaborative effort ensures the best possible fruit for the wineries and the results speak for themselves. Most importantly, we have learned a lot from all of our winemakers and we have used this knowledge to help make our own Land of Promise wine.


"As a family run and operated vineyard, as well as our home, we are strong believers in being God’s stewards of this land and custodians of its future.  We employ hands-on sustainable farming practices that not only produce the finest Pinot Noir grapes, but also ensure the livelihood of the environment for us, our son and daughter, and the generations that will follow them.  Terra de Promissio does not belong to us, we belong to it…"


At Terra de Promissio, we always harvest at night. The picks usually begin at midnight and go all night to dawn.  For Land of Promise, we custom farm to our specifications. Every cluster for Land of Promise goes thru a family members hands.  Diana (pictured below), her sister Alina and Diana's Mom are all on the back of the tractors--on the bins--every night of the pick.  If a cluster does not meet our family's standards, it is removed immediately from the bins. Charles does the final check at the staging area helps load the grapes on the trucks and takes them to the winery.  In 2017, in addition to Land of Promise, the harvest was for 15 other wineries over 16 nights during a 32 day span.  We could not do this without a great team behind us, from the winemakers to our workers.  We are very blessed to have a great crew and we can not thank them enough. 


On January 14, 2014,  the Sonoma County Winegrowers (SCW), announced that Sonoma County is committed to becoming the first 100% sustainable wine region in the world.  Sonoma County’s wine industry has long been at the forefront of creating and utilizing sustainable practices in the vineyard, in the winery and in running their businesses. This expertise has now evolved into Sonoma County winegrowers and winemakers partnering together to establish the nation’s first 100% sustainable county which will benefit the environment while meeting the needs of consumers as well as increasing efficiencies, eliminating waste and saving money.  Charles was part of the Sonoma County Winegrowers Board of Directors when this was initiative was created and unanimously voted on. 

"Since day one at Terra de Promissio, we have employed sustainable farming practices that consider the entire ecosystem-vines, insects, other plant species, soil life, soil type, and our surrounding ecosystems-in order to minimize pests and diseases and create a healthy symbiotic relationship between our vines and the land."

"At the vineyard, we have created a sustainable system by planting different plant species in the vineyard rows or cover cropping. In addition to providing habitat for beneficial insects, cover cropping also minimizes erosion by eliminating the need for cultivation and increases soil health as the crops' vegetal matter puts nutrients back into the soil."

"In keeping with our commitment to of sustainable practices, Diana's father Vadim has built by hand 4 raptor roosts and 10 owl boxes on our vineyard. They are all occupied and we have 24/7 help in controlling gophers and moles in an eco-friendly way."

Sustainability is complex, but the results are simple - the land stays preserved in agriculture, people are trained, safe and treated with respect and the business endures.

"We at Terra de Promissio are proud to partner with the Sonoma County wine industry to become the world's first 100% sustainable wine region."

Terra de Promissio looking towards the Southwest

Terra de Promissio looking towards the Southwest